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An open-minded team forms the backbone of WoMenInSales.Global. We act with integrity, encourage honesty and transparency in all that we do. Dynamic personalities shape the direction of our organization and we are constantly evolving. To represent an even broader spectrum for our members, we are keen on filling further positions soon.


Ines Ben Brahim BA | Founder & Head

Through several years of b-level management and successfully building up innovative companies from scratch, I became a professional b2b sales and business development enthusiast. With a great network in different kind of industries and the young entrepreneurs’ scene, I now excel at growing relation- and partnerships. By the foundation of WoMenInSales.Global, I fulfilled one of my heart's desires. I love to share experiences, know-how and network. But at the same time, accelerate trends and empower ambitious women to exploit unique potentials. If both - sales and business development - are given some female touch in the future, this diversity will lead to better sales performances, foster creativity and drive innovation faster.


Aleksandra Mandrapa MBA | Managing Partner SEE

If I was to point out a single trait that has paved my road to becoming a business development professional and agile advocate, it would be the need for constant growth and innovation. My track record stretches from international b2b sales, team leadership and coaching towards business development in general. It is supplemented by the affinity for new business practices, digital solutions and trends. Succeeding as a woman in the executive world can be very challenging and requires strong ambition too. I have made it my business to become a counterweight to those challenges. That is also why I share the vision of WoMenInSales.Global in empowering and supporting women in their aspirations.

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Join our team (f/m/d)

You’ll get to (net)work and cooperate with motivated Members, Innovators and Partners. - You're going to take active part in the process of accelerating digitization, empowering WoMen and making organizations more diverse. Also, you'll learn how to start and grow business from scratch and in addition - of course - you'll get a strong reference for your CV.

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