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Network for sales & business development professionals to increase performance, drive innovation faster and accelerate digitization by the promotion of diversity.

WoMenInSales.Global connects members / partners / innovators with charismatic sales women in order to unlock new potentials. Our mid senior and senior experts share experiences, know-how, digital solutions and sustainable trends. They bring in own networks to support growth within the community and drive innovation from the inside out. As an organization, you can also use our platform to test, market or distribute sustainable products, digital services or brand new technologies. 

New York City
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Diversity has great impact on sales performances, digitization processes, innovation and business development in general. But even though we know that, statistics show that – still - less than 21% of sales people are female and only a negligible percentage of them in senior management positions. So after founding our organization in 2020, we immediately recognized, that - through enabling and empowering women - we can make a great contribution here and in addition, strengthen economic growth. Beside a fertile network, our members get access to digital solutions, innovative tech-companies and promising trends! And as the conversation of women in leadership positions is increasingly being discussed, WoMenInSales.Global is the best platform for experienced sales people and dynamic organizations to exploit unique potentials.

New York City
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Our vision

It's not the words that count. It's the deeds. - And WoMenInSales know that!

We believe in the added value of diversity and in its huge influence on business. Especially in the areas of executive sales and business development, female potential is currently far too little promoted in all kinds of industries. If properly nurtured and connected, women bring tremendous benefits to business performances and the progress of digitization or sustainability. With WoMenInSales.Global we want to initiate necessary changes in the areas mentioned. Moreover, we also want to endorse and further stimulate the diversity debate and debates about women in leadership positions in general.

New York City
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Join us

Become aware of multifaceted opportunities by thinking big across the industries, interacting with female experts and learning from well selected educational panels. On a regular basis, our entrepreneurs and partners provide insights to new trends, technologies and innovations. In this context, please note: Exclusive and digital meetups are visible for our network only.

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New York City
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